Dr. Text Technical Communication Ltd.

Providing professional documentation services for high-tech and defense industries

Our passion and expertise

are in creating high-quality, timely, and on-budget content for our clients – technical and marketing documentation, online and training materials, and translation.

Many of our clients specialize in medical diagnostics and care devices, medical aesthetic devices, biotech, pharmaceutical production and marketing, semiconductor fabrication plant machinery, advanced defense technologies, broadband communication, application software, hardware systems, and agricultural automation.

At Dr. Text we strive to produce useful documentation that is clear to the intended target audience.  We believe that information must be conveyed in a language tailored to the reader, which requires minimum effort to understand.

You’ll find our documentation to be:

  • Clear and concise
  • Accurate and verified
  • User-friendly
  • Tailored to client requirements
  • Cost-effective

Our commitment is that the Dr. Text team will go above and beyond to provide you with high-quality technical communication products and services, and that we will conduct our business with you honestly.

Our team members as our greatest assets

It is imperative to us that our team members receive fair wages and have opportunities for continual growth.
Our team likes to work in an atmosphere of belonging and joy, and we intend to keep it that way.

Larry is one of the founding partners and is now mostly retired. Larry served as a line technical communicator, Co-CEO, CHR, and Marketing Manager. Larry now serves on the Board of Directors.

Larry holds a BA in Religious Studies from California State University at Northridge and a diploma from the YEDA School of Technical Communication.

Dani Ne’eman is a partner and Co-CEO at Dr. Text. Dani has worked in the technical communication field since 1986. Dani began his career at Orbit as an in-house technical writer, where he authored installation, operation, and maintenance manuals for electro-mechanical and avionics products. He subsequently moved to Elbit and became team leader in the technical communication department. After three years as a freelancer, Dani teamed with Larry to establish Dr. Text.

At Dr. Text, Dani is principally responsible for the professional and quality fields. Dani is most proficient in leading and overseeing large volume and complex projects.

Dani holds a BA in Geography (major) and English Language (minor) from Haifa University, an Electronics Technician diploma from the Israel Air Force military academy, a teaching diploma from Haifa University, and a technical writing course diploma.

In his spare time Dani likes hiking, biking, photography, and music.

Ofer has been working as a technical writer since 1982. Working on a wide range of disciplines and products – ranging from accessories and home appliances through chip design, and up to medical appliances and systems. Ofer has extensive experience in writing books, manuals, handbooks, manufacturing instructions, and online help for a large variety of leading multi-national companies.

Ofer holds an Electronics Technician diploma from the Israel Air Force, a diploma in Technical Writing from the Technion, and a diploma in Computer Programming.

Michael, who joined Dr. Text in 2004, is Co- CEO, focusing on overseeing financial operations and project management at the company. He is also actively involved in developing Dr. Text’s strategic approach.

Michael’s professional military service was spent in the Communication Corps, where he was responsible for IT operations related to networking and computer hardware.

Michael graduated with honors in Industrial Engineering and Management from the ORT Braude College of Engineering. Michael earned an MBA with honors from the Open University, and is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional).

2003, working for AssisTec. He joined Dr. Text in 2007, since when he has written installation manuals, user guides, and release notes for a variety of hardware and software products.

Robert studied Comparative Religion at Edinburgh University and holds a Technical Communication course diploma.

In his spare time, Robert enjoys hiking, cycling, and writing fiction.

Anat Jaffe has worked as a technical writer and translator since 1999. She began her career as a freelance worker, translating technical documents between English, Polish, Hebrew, and French. Anat joined Dr. Text in 2004, where her work includes security-cleared writing and translation.

Anat holds an MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Mathematics, both from the Polytechnic Institute of New York. She has also completed most of the requirements towards a PhD in Computer Science dealing with “Image Recognition”. During her extended stay in Switzerland she studied French and English literature at the Universitè de Lausanne. She has good knowledge of Russian and Italian, as well as being fluent in English, French, Polish and Hebrew. Anat Studied Graphic Design and Illustration and is a member of the Israel Association of Illustrators.

Srul Alexander has worked as a technical communicator since 1999. He began his career writing for Monfort Software Engineering, where he was also a programmer and mentor. In 2002 he joined Dr Text. Projects have included: writing a reference guide for software developers; writing and editing technical manuals, training presentations, and films for operating, maintaining, and calibrating multi-million dollar systems; and designing the templates for the manuals.

Channa Seikevicz has worked as a technical communicator since 1986. She began her career at Mihshuv Information Systems, Tel Aviv, writing manuals, online help, and marketing materials—in English and Hebrew. At BOS (Better On-line Solutions) she extended her experience by being involved in training and customer support, as well as continuing to write and to advise on user interface terminology and design. After several years writing and editing manuals as a freelancer and at e-SIM, she joined Dr. Text in 2002.

At Dr. Text, Channa writes technical manuals, translates engineering materials and produces presentations, including security-cleared assignments.

Channa holds a PhD and MSc in Sociolinguistics from Georgetown University, Washington DC, and a Technical Communication course diploma.

Zvika has over 26 years experience in software development and product development-management for all phases of the product, from concept to customer support. His experience includes software programming, leading R&D groups and integration and testing activities with some of Israel’s leading hi-tech companies including Rafael, Raytheon Systems, and Scitex.

Zvika is a graduate of the Haifa Technion with a B.Sc. (cum laude) in Computer Science and a MBA (master’s degree in business administration) also from the Technion.

Meir Sokolik worked many years in Jewish education before entering the field of technical communications in 2008. Meir studied technical communication with YEDA School of Technical Communications. He has a BA in liberal arts from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland.

Meir enjoys learning something new that might be a bit complicated and producing clear, straightforward documentation that helps engineers, technicians, doctors, software developers, or lay users. He has extensive writing experience in English and Hebrew. He also translates between the two languages. His special skills include authoring in XML and content management.

Karin Maor

Anatoli Yanovski has worked in the field of technical communication since he joined Dr. Text in 2020. The projects he has participated in have included translation and editing of technical documentation, such as operation manuals and training presentations. Since summer 2021, he has been employed as Documentation Manager for a massive industrial project.

Anatoli brings to the table his passion for languages, in general, and his expertise in the English language, in particular. Prior to Dr. Text, he had worked as an English teacher and grammar coach at Wall Street English and a trilingual (Heb-Eng-Rus) freelance translator for over 20 years.